Friends .. we need to quit worrying about perfection and acceptance .. and understand .. this simple fact .. we’re all human .. haha .. and yes .. we learn through trial and error .. think about it .. when we were learning to walk .. it wasn’t about how many times we fell .. but .. about how many times we got back up and tried again .. it’s the same way for us today as adults .. but yet .. we’ve come to worry more about the bumps and bruises in life .. than our own journey .. and friends .. we simply need to let that go and quit obsessing over every little imperfection .. for God .. He has made us perfect in His site .. and .. in His very image .. haha .. and yes .. He loves us just as we are .. crazy but true .. and no .. we don’t need to try to please everyone around us .. no way .. we simply need to learn .. to stay mindful .. to consistantly focus on doing our very best .. while truly learning from my mistakes .. for the truth is .. all that really matters in life .. is that we do give it our best .. while living it to the fullest .. and yes .. loving each other as He loves us .. for friends .. it’s then that we please the One .. we want to please the most .. He who has made us whole .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s true .. it really is better .. to live with mistakes .. than to live a life .. filled with regret .. so .. we simply .. quit waiting for the storms to pass .. and .. yes .. dance our hearts out .. in the pouring down rain .. for .. bottom line .. not a single one of us will melt .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life .. whether you have enough food and drink .. or enough clothes to wear .. isn’t life more than food .. and your body more than clothing?”

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