I may not be able to say this as smoothly as someone else .. but friends .. it’s with my deepest conviction .. and .. my full assurance of faith .. that simply .. everything’s going to be all right .. that’s right .. for this is .. the overall message of the gospel .. and friends .. I’ve found it to be true .. so many many times in my own life .. for the truth is .. God .. He’s going to set right all that’s gone wrong in this world .. and yes .. He’s going to set right what’s gone wrong in our live’s .. for .. He deals in both magnitude .. haha .. and .. oh yes .. even in the trifle .. I mean .. after all .. He’s the supreme intelligence behind the laws of physics .. haha .. as well as .. the engineer of the universe .. and friends .. I can tell you from personal experience .. He’s interested in both the big and the small .. so .. when we have those “bad” days in our lives .. where some seem totally impossible to recover from .. we have the security in knowing .. all things are possible .. if .. we dare to believe .. and yes .. it’s when we stay mindful of His promise and believe that our situation .. absolutely will .. work out for good .. and .. that somehow in His plan . . it’s all gonna be just fine .. we’ll clearly be able to see .. it’s true .. our time is in His very hand .. for we know .. without a doubt .. He’s the artist who’s promised to weave all things in such a way .. that the end of our story .. is going to be a beautiful work of art .. a masterpiece that can never be marred or touched .. for .. yes sweet friends .. we are made to be .. for all to see .. His beautiful tapestry of Grace .. so .. as we move through our days .. whether good or bad .. we hold our heads high .. and .. we simply .. keep on .. keeping on .. haha .. for yes .. sweet friends .. trust is a beatiful thing .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him .. who have been called according to His purpose”

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