Slept late this morning .. needed the rest from the last week of hustle bustle stress .. haha .. when we have 11 parties in four days .. friends .. as a lot of you .. who are in the service industry know .. it can where on our body .. physically and mentally .. haha .. and .. it goes without saying .. in the middle of the mix of business .. there always seems to be those “unexpected” things that happen .. and yes .. in the past week .. we had a few of those thrown in as well .. however .. keeping in the calm state that we always try to stay in .. it all went off without a hitch .. and .. everyone was more than happy .. for .. we did our jobs .. haha .. just like the professionals we all are .. I laugh as I think about how far we’ve grown .. not only as a company .. but .. as a family .. I look at my son and think .. constantly .. how blessed I am to have him working with me .. and .. carrying the heavy load that he carries .. I’m so proud to see the work ethic in him .. the dedication to the business .. to his fellow workers .. and .. most of all .. to his family .. for the bottom line .. these are the things .. it’s truly all about .. yes .. people loving people .. always warms my heart .. nothing makes me happier than to see everyone working together in harmony .. we’re fortunate to have that around us .. the people that work with us .. they’re awesome .. you know who you are .. everyone one of you .. as I’ve watched the love .. the dedication .. and yes .. the forgiveness toward one another when rubbed the wrong way .. I smile .. and .. it’s a big smile .. for friends .. we all have days when we’re rubbed the wrong way .. and yes .. we all have those days when we react in a not so pleasant way .. however .. it’s those days that we truly get to demonstrate .. out loud and personal .. the love of Christ within us .. we get to exercise forgiveness .. for we know .. there is nothing unforgivable .. that’s right friends .. I don’t care what it is .. we’re always forgiven by Him .. and therefore .. we should always forgive others .. just like Him .. for yes .. absolutely .. we’re going to mess up .. and yes .. we may even throw a temper tantrum .. but in the end .. it’s His love that heals .. and yes .. it’s His love that moves our hearts to simply .. forgive .. and yes .. even forget .. haha .. for friends .. life is too short to carry such silly burdens .. the enemy .. he makes us think it’s okay to walk away from someone we’ve loved because they’ve done something to hurt us .. or .. not met our standards .. haha .. oh yes .. we say we forgive them .. but yet .. we won’t even look at them .. and people .. that’s not okay .. no way .. for it’s simply not .. the work ethic .. if you will .. that He desires us to have as His Followers .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s simply .. totally unexceptable behavior .. haha .. for yes .. it’s so very true .. people loving people .. simply .. makes for a good days work .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Do nothing from rivalry or conceit .. but in humility count others more significant than yourselves .. let each of you look not only to his own interests .. but also to the interests of others”

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