Friends .. our God .. He’s is not some kill joy who takes pleasure in taking advantage of us who are foolish enough .. to submit our will to His .. haha .. no way .. think about it .. He’s the One who loved us enough to sacrifice His own Son .. to save us .. when we were His enemies .. haha .. and yes .. in knowing this truth .. no doubt .. He’s most certainly worthy of our trust .. and friends .. we don’t have to surrender to His will as though we’re resigning ourselves to a somber and joyless existence .. simply because .. we’re not .. no .. instead we can simply .. haha .. delight in doing His will .. for friends .. just knowing that He loves us as big as He does .. and .. that He loves us enough .. to desire a destiny for us that is beyond our highest hopes and dreams .. should send each one of us .. straight to .. “delightville” .. haha .. yes sweet friends .. the simple fact that .. He’s causing all things to work together for our good .. even when .. things happen that don’t always seem best .. we know .. without a doubt .. we can trust .. He really loves us .. and yes .. He absolutely knows what’s best for us .. and yes .. even though at times .. our path to our own ..”unshackling” .. if you will .. can sometimes be painful .. we’ll also find it to be .. totally delightful .. for we know .. we’re in His will .. and yes .. continually traveling to that glorious destination that lies ahead .. so .. as we move into this new week .. let us delight in each day we’re given .. sharing His love .. in our own way .. with all we meet .. for after all ..we know that we know that we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

” .. so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith .. and I pray that you .. being rooted and established in love .. may have power .. together with all the saints .. to comprehend the length and width and height and depth of His love ..”


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