There is simply .. one foolproof way to strengthen our mind .. and friends .. that is simply by .. committing ourselves to the process of .. renewing our mind .. haha .. I tell you this as a person that has had to walk through this process .. oh yes .. more than once .. you see .. my past has cemented in me some very twisted thinking .. so the renewing of my mindset has been an awesome breakthrough for me .. it has and is .. helping me to move away from the bondage of my past into the future that God has laid out .. just for me .. even as I am on the road to strengthening my heart and mind .. I also know that this mindset .. hinges simply on .. my thought pattern .. you see .. once we realize that our weak mindset is what holds us back from His purpose .. we are able to rise up and get our head straight .. haha .. now we know .. we must simply .. replace the .. mind of ME .. with the .. mind of Christ .. along with the simple understanding .. that nothing in our life will change .. if we do not change the way we think .. friends .. His Word tells us exactly what to think on .. and .. if our mind travels away from these things .. as they will .. we have to stop .. hop off that ride .. and .. jump on the one that’s taking us in the right .. “thinking” direction .. it’s a process .. oh but .. we can travel with confidence .. for we know .. He’s there to lead and guide us along the way .. so .. come on now .. let’s do this .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“And now .. dear brothers and sisters .. one final thing .. fix your thoughts on what is true .. and honorable .. and right .. and pure .. and lovely .. and admirable .. think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise”


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