Waking up in New York City on this Election Day of 2016 is certainly not like waking up at the beach .. haha .. no .. as we walked up and down the many blocks yesterday .. the workers were busy barricading the streets off where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will arrive today .. they’ve blocked off and secured where they will go and vote .. and yes .. where each one of them will congregate with their teams as they wait for the news .. haha .. of who will be our next President elect .. haha .. no .. where not at the beach this morning .. where it’s quiet and secure .. we’re in the City where the police presence has doubled .. more than 5000 men and women who have dedicated their lives to protect their city will be on duty today .. ready and willing to protect their people .. haha .. New Yorker’s .. a wonderful group of people who have dealt with this kind of energy most of their lives .. haha .. they too .. like us .. look to God for guidance .. and yes .. they look to Him for love .. as we rode the boat yesterday and came across the Statue of Liberty .. and yes .. as I looked at the broken shackles at her feet .. gratefulness overwhelmed me .. haha .. again .. as I thanked Him for this experience .. and yes .. for these men and women of NYC who protect their people .. for friends .. they too protect our beach .. they protect each and every one of us in this country .. for this city is the gateway to freedom .. the freedom we take for granted each and every day .. haha .. no .. I don’t know what will happen when this day ends .. and yes .. when this election is over .. but what I do know .. God is Love .. and no .. nothing .. absolutely nothing .. will change this fact .. so .. as we leave the city this morning .. please join me as I pray .. for the safety of this city .. and yes .. for the safety of our country .. haha .. for today is a historic day for us all .. haha .. and yes .. we’re headed back to the beach .. haha .. but friends .. no matter where we’re at on this day .. we can all rest assure .. that yes .. He is the same .. yesterday .. today .. and .. forever .. and yes yes yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities .. for there is no authority except from God .. and those that exist have been instituted by God”

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