Friends .. life is full of problems .. and yes .. we need to learn to deal with them .. haha .. for the truth is .. if we aren’t careful .. all we’ll see are the problems .. haha .. and let me tell you .. there’s way too many good things in all our lives that we can focus on .. so .. haha .. instead of trying to catch people doing something they shouldn’t do .. we need to catch them doing good .. haha .. and then .. we need to encourage them on .. yes! .. for friends .. we have control over one thing in life .. and that’s simply .. our state of mind .. so .. in knowing this truth .. we simply control the way we think .. we choose to focus on some thoughts .. while rejecting others .. God’s Word makes that perfectly clear .. haha .. so .. we keep our mindset positive .. while encouraging one another .. haha .. for no way .. can we let the enemy fool us .. oh yes .. he wants to .. but we’re too smart for him .. for we pray .. haha .. yes .. we fervently pray for this positive attitude throughout our day .. for yes .. we know .. it’s our choice as to whether we bring sunshine to the world around us .. or not .. haha .. bottom line .. a bit of encouragement can have an enormous impact on all of our lives .. it’s one of those simple treasures that He has blessed us with .. we have the ability to inspire .. motivate .. and yes .. reassure each other on a daily basis .. haha .. and yes yes yes .. it’s something so very easy for us to do .. wow .. haha .. and with that .. there’s nothing left to say .. but .. come on now .. let’s do this .. haha .. oh yeah … Love Wins Period
“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works”


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