Friends .. when we talk we make a series of choices about what subjects to discuss .. haha .. it’s true .. and yes .. we choose which memories to bring up .. and yes .. what points to make .. and yes .. there is and always will be negative things we can say .. and yes .. there is and always will be positive things we can say .. so yes .. let’s choose the positive .. let’s choose each time we speak to specialize in encouraging .. and yes .. uplifting words  .. and no .. never speak critical or hurtful comments .. for yes ..  God wants us to love and respect one another .. right where we are .. He wants us to be His example of His love .. haha .. oh I know .. that’s a tall order .. however .. nothing it too tall when He’s involved .. and yes .. He’ll always be involved  .. when  yes .. we choose to let Him be involved .. so today and all the days to follow .. let’s stay mindful to speak positive words while encouraging one another daily .. for yes .. that my friends is true love .. His kind of love .. and yes .. always and forever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“But encourage one another daily .. as long as it is called ..”Today” .. so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness”


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