When we’re having a “moment” .. whether it be .. morning .. noon .. or .. night  .. haha ..  we must remember  .. in the grand scheme of things ..  a stressful day doesn’t impact life or eternity all that much ..  however ..  in those longer seasons of joblessness .. sickness .. financial stress .. marriage strain .. and .. other ongoing life events .. the stress and frustration can seem overwhelming ..  so we get ourselves in gear .. our minds set and we simply remember … our Character is stronger than our circumstances .. we cant control anything but we can choose not to complain about it .. Our struggles always lead to strength .. whether big or small .. all our pain has purpose .. God’s timing is always perfect .. His plans are almost always different from our plans .. so ..  we just need to be patient .. while waiting .. oh and we can’t forget .. He will never leave our side .. we may feel alone at times .. but from the very moment we asked Jesus in our heart .. He will be by our side to the end .. we have no fear .. for our hope is in Him   .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period


“Be strong and courageous .. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them ..  for the Lord your God goes with you ..  He will never leave you nor forsake you”


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