Expectations .. we all have them .. mine are extremely high for the people around me .. for you see .. I think expectations are important .. they’re like the lenses we wear that color everything we see .. haha .. yes .. the colored lenses we wear .. totally effect the way we see our life .. the different situations.. and .. the people we face .. and friends .. at any given moment .. we may find ourselves .. managing and juggling the expectation of others in everything we do .. but .. as difficult as that sounds .. nothing .. is more important than managing our own expectations .. for .. it’s then .. we’ll usually find .. our tendency is to either set our expectations too high .. and .. expect to be let down .. or .. too low .. to protect ourselves from ever being let down .. haha .. and friends .. neither of these approaches are particularly helpful .. for .. it seems that both .. eventually wear on us and on others .. “big time” .. so .. .. all I can say is this .. we need to honestly examine the expectations of ourselves and others .. for .. it’s when we do .. we’ll find we’re able to manage them better .. we may even find .. they’re totally unrealistic .. totally unhealthy .. or .. totally un-communicated .. haha .. the latter being the norm .. for simply .. our words carry more weight that we often realize .. and this .. is very true regarding expectations .. so .. haha .. take head and believe .. before we speak .. we should talk to God .. for friends .. I can’t tell you how many times .. I wished I could have taken back an expectation that I set with premature words .. yes .. it’s through communication with Him .. that He .. can reveal to us .. whether or not our expectations .. lack faith or lack wisdom .. yes .. it’s through communication with Him .. that our faith and trust is engaged .. and friends .. we may just find .. before we speak .. if we honestly evaluate our own expectations .. it’s our pride that we keep bumping against .. we’ll be digging up some .. haha .. let’s say .. less than Godly motives .. yep .. we’ll see areas where we need to change .. and .. when we do .. we simply ask Him .. to conform our expectations and hopes to His .. yes friends .. we need to stay mindful each day .. in all our relationships and ventures .. to compare our expectations .. to reality .. simply .. giving us the ability to set them better .. as we move forward .. for .. the truth is .. people will let us down .. situations will happen in life that will fall short of “our” expectations .. and friends .. when this happens .. we find grace .. haha .. oh yes .. for .. He shows us unbelievable grace through Christ .. and .. we should .. without question .. “pay it forward” .. that’s right .. it’s through the situations and people we meet .. that fall short of “our” expectations .. that gives us .. the opportunity .. to extend that grace beyond ourselves .. Godliness is often seen most clearly in our graciousness .. so .. as we work through this process .. we’ll learn to identify some of the colored lenses that we tend to wear .. and .. we’ll be able to see more clearly .. giving us the ability .. to better manage our own selves .. haha .. we are each a piece of work .. His work .. that is .. so .. let’s rise to meet His expectations by bearing His Fruit of .. love .. joy .. peace .. patience .. kindness .. goodness .. faithfulness .. gentleness .. and .. self control .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Let all that I am wait quietly before God .. for my hope is in Him”


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