Friends .. as we all know .. as we move through our days we’re going to face difficult times .. and yes .. as we all know .. no matter how difficult the time .. it’s totally imperative that we don’t allow ourselves to lose hope .. for yes .. hope is what carries us through .. and yes .. without it we can be drug down .. and yes .. fall into that vicious cycle where negativity takes on over .. which in turn .. haha .. makes our situation even worse than the place where we started .. and friends .. we can’t let that happen .. no way .. so yes .. we must be prepared and ready for what may or may not get thrown in front of us .. for the truth is .. because we’re going to face these difficult times we must keep our faith .. and yes .. based on personal experience I’ve learned .. ‘to not lose hope we must have faith’ .. that’s right .. we have to believe that things will work out just fine when it’s all said and done .. for friends .. God’s in control of our lives .. and yes .. He has a plan for each of us .. and no .. it doesn’t matter what we face today .. we can trust in Him .. that’s right .. we can trust in Him even when we don’t see or understand the how or why things work the way they do .. oh yes .. I know it’s hard .. but yet .. it’s so true .. think about it .. we’ve all seen and experienced many times over along our way where good has come from the not so good .. and yes .. it happened in ways we couldn’t understand when we were in the middle of the struggle .. oh but friends .. it’s times like these that strengthen our belief .. that yes .. having faith is totally imperative not only in difficult times .. but yes .. at all times .. for life without it .. can yes .. beat us up pretty darn good .. so we trust .. and yes .. we believe .. that yes .. over and over and over again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Love bears all things .. believes all things .. hopes all things .. endures all things”

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