Friends .. having faith is awesome .. however .. it’s much more than sitting around waiting on God to move or solve a problem for us .. the truth is .. we’re the ones who have to make the moves when we’re burdened down with “stuff ” in our lives .. that’s right .. we need to pay attention .. for no ..  we’re simply not going to be lazy .. simply because .. we trust Him and we know that He’ll  lead us in the right direction He wants us to go .. if we pay attention .. for yes .. that’s what faith teaches us .. the simple knowing that we can’t sit around twiddling our thumbs .. when yes .. we need to be looking to Him to guide every aspect of our lives while staying mindful that most of the time .. we can only see a piece of the picture while our faith tells us .. He sees the whole show .. so yes sweet friends .. we stay confident and assured that He knows exactly what He’s doing .. and yes .. we put our lives in His most capable hands .. keeping our faith .. never losing heart .. nor losing hope .. for yes .. it’s His love and His peace that sustains us all .. so yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Cast your burden on the Lord .. and He will sustain you .. He will never permit the righteous to be moved”


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