Morning two of our “holiday”.. haha .. and yes .. it’s another beautiful day .. and yes .. what’s the most awesome thing to know on this beautiful day .. while yes .. believing whole heartedly .. is simply .. just as we love our children .. our grandchildren .. and yes .. all the rest of the ones that compile our sweet family .. and yes .. for no other reason than the air that they breathe .. that Our God loves us the same .. just as we love their personalities .. their smiles .. their big hugs .. and yes .. their laughter .. so too does God love us .. He loves us totally .. and yes .. unconditionally .. simply because .. He’s our Father .. and yes .. He made us .. for you see … He delights in all of His children .. and yes sweet friends .. we can hang our hats on this fact .. He delights in us .. just as we are .. right where we are .. haha .. for yes .. this is simply the way He rolls .. He’s no respecter of person .. for yes .. He’s our God .. and yes .. He’s our Friend .. and yes .. He is love .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“The LORD your God is with you .. the Mighty Warrior who saves .. He will take great delight in you .. in His love He will no longer rebuke you .. but will rejoice over you with singing”

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