I cried so hard that day my dad left this world .. haha .. like so many in his era .. they’re gone .. in his case .. hard living and alcohol took him at the age of fifty four .. and .. even though he lived hard .. haha .. and yes .. so very very large .. I can’t seem to stir up any memories in my mind this morning of my days with him .. they say I’m just like him .. haha .. and yes .. I have pictures of him throughout the years .. and yes .. I have a scrapbook of his sporting achievements from his younger days .. for it shows .. he was quite the athlete .. but yet .. when I sit and look through them .. I wonder who this man was .. and .. did I ever really know him .. did he hide his pain so well .. as so many of us do .. behind that smile on our face .. behind the strong and tough exterior that we build to hide .. even from ourselves .. the pain we’ve endured over our lives .. the pain we’ve so carefully tucked away in a place .. for no one to see .. haha .. oh but friends .. I’m here to tell you .. Our God sees .. He sees our hurt .. He sees our pain .. He sees our losses .. and yes .. haha .. He sees our plain confused selves .. and simply .. He makes a way for us to escape from that painful past we carry so heavy .. oh yes .. I’m pretty sure my dad loved me .. although .. he struggled with showing too much affection .. for he .. like us all .. have a story on the back side .. and yes .. we all carry burdens of sorrow .. that we simply .. don’t know what to do with .. but friends .. today .. I can honestly say .. for the first time in my life .. I’ve found freedom from that pain .. freedom from the hurt .. and yes .. freedom from the sorrow .. that’s simply been .. a stumbling block for years .. and friends .. we can all have that freedom .. that’s right .. for simply .. He’s with us .. He’s here whenever we need a friend .. He’s here when we need someone to lean on .. and yes .. He’s here when we cry so hard that no words can describe the way we feel .. for He knows how we feel .. and yes .. when we let Him .. He’ll comfort us and give us strength .. He’ll give us hope .. and yes oh yes .. in Him .. we’ll find rest .. bottom line .. if we’ve missed out on a relationship with an earthly dad .. it’s okay .. for the past .. is the past .. and today .. we can simply .. be thankful that we have a Heavenly Father that’s here for us .. twenty four seven .. for yes sweet friends .. He wants to meet our needs .. and will .. again .. if we let Him .. haha .. so with that .. we simply say .. “thank you Lord” .. “thank you for stepping in to be .. our winning ticket .. haha .. for yes oh yes .. you are indeed .. the grandest Father of them all” .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Father to the fatherless .. defender of widows .. this is God .. whose dwelling is holy”

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