I went to visit on old friend in the hospital yesterday .. unless there is a full on miracle .. (and yes .. there could be) .. she’s moving to the other side .. so in knowing this truth .. we talked about it .. we talked in a quiet whisper about the beautiful and painless place where we’re all heading one day .. she laughed as she looked in my eyes with all the love in the world .. and yes .. said with a weak smile .. “I am not afraid” .. I laughed as I replied .. “and you shouldn’t be” .. haha .. I’ve thought about that ever since I left .. for yes .. so many of us are scared of dying .. the not knowing what’s in front of us .. the fear of leaving the ones we love .. but friends .. there is no fear in love .. and yes .. as Believers we trust that God will take care of us .. for yes .. He is love .. and no .. I don’t know about you .. but me .. I understand we’re all born to die at some point in time .. and no .. to fear this is not what He wants us to do .. no .. we don’t have to want to leave this world .. but when we do .. we have the faith within us to believe .. that yes .. there is a better place coming .. free of pain and sorrow .. and yes .. filled with joy and laughter .. haha .. there’s a song Don Moen wrote that I’ve hung on to many times in my life when I’ve lost someone I love .. it simply goes like this ..
Our prayers have been answered .. I finally arrived .. the healing that had been delayed .. is now realized
No one’s in a hurry .. there’s no schedule to keep .. we’re all enjoying Jesus .. just sitting at His feet
If you could see me now .. I’m walking streets of gold .. If you could see me now .. I’m standing tall and whole
If you could see me now .. You’d know I’ve seen His face .. If you could see me now .. you’d know the pain’s erased
You wouldn’t want me .. to ever leave this place .. if only you could see me now
and yes sweet friends .. again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“But .. as it is written .. “What no eye has seen .. nor ear heard .. nor the heart of man imagined .. what God has prepared for those who love Him”



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