Our little community has lost many of it’s people over the last year or so  .. each day we get up .. it seems we’re having to deal with the passing of yet another .. “someone we love” .. and friends .. the truth is .. when we lose that someone we love .. someone close to us .. it hurts .. oh my goodness .. it hurts so bad that not only can it break our heart .. but .. haha .. it can also simply .. crush our spirit .. for the grief we feel seems like a never emptying well .. yes .. just when we think we’ve lived through the last of it .. haha .. here it comes again .. rearing it’s ugly head ..  over and over it seems .. oh yes .. we try to bury it by keeping busy .. you know .. haha .. staying ahead of the hurt .. or .. we may turn to something to help us forget it .. pills .. booze .. whatever it takes .. haha .. oh but friends .. whatever we do to outrun it .. will simply never work in the long run .. no  .. all the excesses of this world will never repair out broken heart ..  all the money in the world can never fill that hole .. nor can it bring joy back into our life .. no friends .. haha .. there’s no price we’re able to pay to be healed or fixed .. however .. Jesus .. He paid the price for all of us .. and yes .. He’s always here .. right here .. right now .. just waiting and waiting .. for us to come to Him .. haha .. for simply .. His very presence is the healing balm .. if you will .. to our beat up and wounded spirit .. and yes .. haha .. in Him we can find renewed joy and lasting peace ..  all we have to do is reach out to Him .. and yes .. walk  alone with Him .. haha .. for friends .. it’s when we set aside our phone .. and .. we set aside our to-do lists .. and we simply .. find that place .. away from the noise of this hollering world we live .. to simply .. meet with Him each day .. it is then .. in that time alone we spend  .. that we find healing ..  for yes  .. He infuses us with joy .. and yes .. haha ..  He brings us perfect peace .. and yes  .. He’ll do this all the days of our lives .. for one reason and one reason only .. because He loves us .. no matter who we are or what we’ve done .. He loves us big  .. for .. yes yes yes sweet friends .. again and again and again ..  haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“I have said these things to you ..  that in Me you may have peace .. in the world you will have tribulation .. but take heart .. I have overcome the world.”





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