Friends .. I was up several hours in the middle of the night fretting over something I have no control over .. haha .. and yes .. the enemy was doing all he could to tempt me .. to abandon God’s promise of peace .. haha .. that right .. he and his gang of thugs were using every strategy possible to sidetrack me and rob me of this precious gift .. as a matter of fact .. I’m pretty sure .. it’s one of his primary missions .. for yes .. he fights us all through situations and people that cross our path .. as well as .. through our thoughts and feelings .. haha .. he’s a bully that way .. oh but friends .. in spite of the battle over our peace .. we can always rest assured that He .. Our God .. delights in each of us .. and .. He’ll help us twenty four seven to maintain .. His perfect peace .. haha .. so .. when we find ourselves struggling in the middle of the day .. or night .. we must know .. we’re not alone .. for yes .. more often than not .. we find .. we’re all fighting that same battle .. so .. what we do is simply .. change our focus .. change our circumstances .. and yes .. change our attitudes .. we take our eyes off of our problems .. and .. we simply .. fix them on Him .. while yes .. even thanking Him in the middle of the storm .. for simply .. when we do this .. we’ll find the rest we need in the One and Only .. Prince of Peace .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Do not be anxious about anything .. but in every situation .. by prayer and petition .. with thanksgiving .. present your requests to God”





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