Friends .. we’re flawed .. haha .. that’s right .. each and everyone of us .. and yes .. as flawed people we tend to pass any blame or responsibility directed at ourselves onto someone else .. and yes .. this has been going us from the beginning of time .. we see it in our friends lives .. and yes .. even in ourselves .. we hear a good piece of advice or take in a convicting piece of scripture .. and yes .. haha .. we automatically think how someone else should apply it to their life .. and no .. never think twice about how it could impact our own .. haha .. oh but friends .. with any advice .. accusation .. or yes .. scripture that we find of importance .. we should always think about how it should be applied to our own lives first .. for yes .. we have so many lessons to learn .. however .. they mean nothing if we don’t apply them to our own lives .. so yes .. as we move forward .. we must stay mindful of how we embrace these lessons .. and yes .. incorporate them into the way we live and the way we think .. which in turn .. makes everyday a new adventure of change and growth .. for yes .. haha .. life is change and growth is optional .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Therefore you have no excuse .. O man .. every one of you who judges .. for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you .. the judge .. practice the very same things”

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