Friends .. no matter what we’ve done .. or yes .. what someone has done to us .. haha .. we are all called to love .. and yes .. we’re to do this in spite of and not because of .. and yes .. it may seem crazy at times .. however .. let’s think about it .. let’s say we have a child that disappoints us .. we don’t put them on a shelf and then turn around and borrow one from the neighbor .. haha .. no .. we continue to value them .. accept them .. and yes .. wholeheartedly love them in spite of their behavior and actions at the time .. yet .. as adults we don’t take that same kind of thinking .. most of the time we love others for what they originally brought to the relationship .. however .. once we get to know them and realize they have some things that don’t line up with our expectations of them .. haha ..  they no longer fit into our tight little packaged box  .. so yes .. we stick them on a shelf .. and yes .. we walk away .. oh but friends .. it’s when we find ourselves behaving this way that we need to wake up .. and yes .. we need to follow the example of Jesus .. for the truth is .. even though we totally disobey Him .. He still loves us .. even though we don’t live up to His expectations .. He knows each one of us has things in our lives we could be better at .. and no .. He’ll never put us on a shelf .. nor .. will He find another to take our place .. for yes .. He’ll continue to nurture us .. love us  .. and yes ..  lead us .. He sticks with us not matter who we are or what we’ve done .. and that my friends .. is true love .. so yes .. we stay mindful to love others .. not for what they bring to the table .. but simply because .. they don’t always fit into our expectations .. and yes .. that’s okay .. for yes ..  we accept and love them  “in spite of not because of” ..  haha .. who knows .. we may find a diamond in the ruff .. just like He did .. and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“..  you are precious in my eyes .. and I love you”



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