Last night we met our family and friends at the grand opening of Trebeache’ .. and .. of course .. in “Jim Richard Style” .. he took it a step further .. and .. made it a fundraiser for something near and dear to his heart .. the South Walton Artificial Reef Association .. if you don’t know about it .. please check it out and wholeheartedly support it in whatever way you can .. yes .. it was an awesome evening of .. incredible food .. fun fellowship .. sit on the edge of your seat football .. and .. down home .. home grown music .. oh yes .. and .. as you know .. I love music .. it’s always been a big part of my life .. love love love .. those certain songs that bring back those particular memories .. haha .. yes .. from childhood and especially throughout my teen years .. music helped me through many a hard time .. as well as .. many a good time .. and friends .. last night .. it was on .. that’s right .. the room was full of family and friends .. so much love in one space .. the night started with Kyle Ogle and TKO .. and friends .. they were awesome .. as the night went on .. the stage took in .. Dook .. Balder .. Kenny .. and .. Donnie .. this is all while we were still there .. not sure what happened later .. all I can say is this .. their music .. moves us every time .. we are blessed each week to hear Donnie and Duke at church .. and .. blessed again last night .. as we soaked up more of their music along with the others .. haha .. you know .. as I sat there .. I was thinking .. how hard it is to try and explain .. how music truly makes me feel .. as a matter of fact .. I’m not even sure .. it’s meant to be explained .. but rather .. “experienced” .. for simply .. it affects us .. right down to our very heart and soul .. it has a way of expressing what we feel .. when all words fail us .. it’s poetry .. put into rhythm .. it’s rhythm .. put to a steady beat .. it’s a power that moves and stirs the soul .. the truth is .. it’s simply .. a gift from God .. for .. we find it to be therapeutic .. it lifts us up when we are down .. while .. bringing total relief to our wounded spirit .. and yes .. music can enable us to lift our voices to Him .. in praise and worship .. it makes us want to get up and move .. haha .. yes friends .. music .. is one of His greatest gifts .. it’s .. the perfect salve for the sorrowful soul .. and .. the steady beat for a night of fun .. so .. come on now .. let’s get on out .. and .. get to the music .. any chance we get .. letting it lift our soul and carry our praises and appreciation to Him .. no matter .. when or where we feel the need .. so . . with a humble heart .. I must say .. thank you Trebeache’ .. we look forward to many more nights of .. “experiencing the love”.. that you’ve brought to our little community .. again and again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“My heart is steadfast .. O God .. my heart is steadfast .. I will sing and make music”


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