Friends .. it’s true .. haha .. over and over .. and yes .. over again .. we should do all we can to stay mindful as we move through our days ..  to yes .. always and forever make allowance for each other’s faults .. and yes .. to continually forgive anyone who offends us while remembering this simple fact .. God has forgiven .. and yes .. continually forgives us for our many mishaps and mistakes .. so yes .. in knowing this truth .. we have no choice .. but to yes .. pay it forward .. for friends .. the foundation of a healthy relationship is love .. and yes .. its four corners are .. loyalty .. kindness .. respect .. and always .. forgiveness .. haha .. and yes .. I know sometimes it’s easier said than done .. however .. no doubt about it .. we got this .. for we know that we know that we know   .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Then Peter came up and said to Him .. “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me .. and I forgive him? .. As many as seven times?” .. Jesus said to him .. “I do not say to you seven times .. but seventy times seven”


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