Forgiving others has never really been too big of a problem for me .. I usually can grab hold of it pretty quick .. for yes .. all I have to do is stop for a brief moment and think about the grace that I’ve been shown so many times in my life .. and yes .. it’s then I realize I have no room in my life not to do the same for others .. no matter the offense .. oh but friends .. the hard part for me .. and yes .. I’m sure for most of us .. is simply learning to forgive ourselves .. for yes .. we have to live with ourselves and with our thoughts twenty four hours a day seven days a week .. and it can be downright challenging .. but the truth is .. we need to forgive ourselves .. because when we do .. we’re no longer pretending it didn’t happen for now we’re acknowledging that our actions do have consequences .. oh but friends .. those consequences don’t need to include self inflicted negative feelings .. for as we know .. unforgiveness is like picking at an open wound while making a bad situation even worse .. yes friends .. the wound is there and we must control our reaction to it so it can be stopped from getting worse .. bottom line .. we forgive one another .. for yes .. that’s what God wants us to do .. and yes .. we forgive ourselves .. for that’s what God wants us to do .. and yes .. when we do what He wants us to do .. haha .. it becomes sooo much easier to address the consequences of our actions in a productive and Godly way .. for yes .. we know in our heart always and forever .. that yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Finally .. brothers .. whatever is true .. whatever is honorable .. whatever is just .. whatever is pure .. whatever is lovely .. whatever is commendable .. if there is any excellence .. if there is anything worthy of praise .. think about these things”

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