We’ve all been at some point in our lives.. hurt .. broken .. and .. betrayed .. many of us still carry it with us .. oh but friends .. it’s simply time to let it all go .. that’s right .. haha .. it’s not happening anymore .. the past is over .. the only place it can exist now is in our mind .. so .. let’s truly .. let it go .. we can do this .. instead of thinking on the hurt .. we can keep our mind focused on what’s going well in our life .. we can think on what makes us happy .. rather than think on those who have betrayed us .. let’s think of all those who have not .. for .. when we keep a positive outlook .. we create an exciting life .. oh yes .. we’ll inevitably wonder back to the past in our mind .. and when we do .. we grab hold of our faith .. and .. ask God to bring us back to the present moment .. and .. He will .. for we know .. it usually .. all boils down to forgiveness .. and .. by forgiving those who have hurt .. betrayed .. or .. rejected us .. is simply .. the best thing we can do for ourselves .. sometimes it takes a long time .. but in the end .. we will always be glad we did it .. so .. let’s let out whatever emotions we need to let out .. give ourselves time to heal while unloading the baggage .. because friends .. we still have a long journey ahead .. haha .. and none of us .. need that extra weight .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Forgive us the wrongs that we have done .. as we forgive the wrongs others have done us”


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