Blamers .. we all know one .. or .. two .. and .. if we look in the mirror .. haha .. we’ll most likely .. find one more .. we’ve all done it .. yes .. for .. we are the people who don’t accept personal responsibility .. while .. attempting to relieve our guilt and pressure by transferring the blame to someone else .. oh yes .. we can be bold .. while .. at other times .. a little more subtle .. that’s right .. with sly criticism .. or even .. an unspoken cold shift .. in the way we relate to those .. we are blaming .. but friends .. the Bible .. which is .. God’s living wisdom for living with Him and others .. is very clear .. we’re all going to make mistakes .. and .. we’re all going to sin against Him and others .. haha .. so .. in knowing this .. we simply must .. be receptive to honest and helpful feedback .. while .. taking responsibility for our wrong and our immaturity .. however friends .. it’s also true .. that we must .. filter accusations or attitudes towards us .. to validate their reliability .. for .. He wants us to be discerning .. so that we’re following and learning from Him .. and not .. someone else who may have personal issues or disappointment for stirring and steering them .. for the truth is .. the only way to get away from blaming others .. is to invite Him to change us .. admit when we’re wrong .. while .. standing in His pure confidence .. friends .. most of the time .. when we blame .. it’s simply because .. we don’t feel accepted .. so .. we can’t own up to anything that might be seen as unacceptable .. yet .. to accept illegitimate blame from others .. doesn’t help us find acceptance either .. it only reinforces .. our human unspiritual strategy .. of finding personal acceptance in personal justification .. rather than His justification .. where it absolutely needs to be .. haha .. yes .. when we blame .. we stay on a miserable merry go round .. while doing all we can .. to hook others to take the ride with us .. just so .. we can find some kind of temporary comfort in blaming others for our darn problems .. wow .. we can sure stir the pot .. oh but friends .. I’m guessing .. among the many many reasons Jesus spent time alone with His Father .. was simply so .. He would be able to have a strong clean filter dealing with the many people He dealt with .. some genuinely seeking .. while others .. scheming from the get go .. haha .. we’ve all been on one side of the blame or the other .. but .. no more sweet friends .. for now .. we are teachable .. and .. we are open to feedback .. yes .. even when it stings .. haha .. for .. we are now .. able to discern if we’re becoming hooked into illegitimate blame .. we are now strong .. and .. we now .. keep our perspective filter washed daily .. for friends .. this is the way .. and .. the only way .. we can truly love Him .. and .. the blamers .. ourselves included .. haha .. simple truth .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Therefore you have no excuse .. O man .. every one of you who judges .. for in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself .. because you .. the judge .. practice the very same thing”

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