I came to Pensacola yesterday to spend some time with my friend Carla .. we had a Sunday Funday  listening to awesome music .. eating great food .. and .. catching a hilariously funny movie .. I actually spent the night and am writing this in her living room this morning .. sitting in front of her beautiful Christmas tree .. the house is quiet and peaceful .. a good space to reflect .. I’ve been thinking about our friendship and how grateful I am for the easy relationship we have .. no pretenses .. nothing fake .. just two people .. accepting the other .. as we are .. these kind of relationships are few and far between in life .. when we have one .. we can’t let anything rob us of it .. we treat it with kindness and understanding .. no matter the situation .. so .. again .. I’m thinking .. I’m thinking now ..  about Jesus .. and .. I’m thinking how .. the longer He and I are friends .. the better of a friend I become to others .. for you see .. it’s in our friendship with Him .. we learn to be a friend .. think about it .. when He came into the world .. He changed our relationship with God forever .. because He came .. we are now part of His family .. coheirs with Him to the gift of eternity .. and friends .. He wants our friendship .. He experienced firsthand the loneliness of being human .. and saw with His own eyes .. that simply .. as much as we need a savior .. we really need a friend .. wow .. for goodness sake .. what a better friend than He  .. He is loyal .. forgives our every fault .. He supports and encourages us  whenever we need it most .. and friends .. He listens .. whenever we want to talk .. for our Friend .. He is a tireless listener .. haha .. that right .. He loves us as a friend .. and .. really wants to see us grow ..  to our fullest and finest potential .. for friends .. there is  not one single drop of jealousy in Him .. He is awesome .. and .. He is love ..  that’s right ..  so .. we sing ..  “what a friend we have in Jesus .. all our sins and griefs to bare .. what a privilege to carry .. everything to God in prayer” ..  haha .. what an awesome Christmas gift .. for us all to receive .. on this Christmas week morning ..  oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

“No longer do I call you slaves .. for the slave does not know what his master is doing ..  but I have called you friends ..  for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you”

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