God designed each of us with emotions .. and yes ..  as we all know .. they can run hastily ..  haha .. oh but friends ..  what we must remember .. our emotions are to be gauges and not guides .. they’re meant to report to us .. but they’re not our boss .. haha ..  and yes .. when we deal with our emotions .. we need to see them for what they truly are .. take anger for instance  .. it comes to surface when we feel like we’ve been treated unfairly ..  while on the other side of that coin .. we carry guilt .. haha .. this emotion is produced when we feel we’ve been unfair .. however .. both of them are here to instruct us .. and yes .. inform us .. for without them .. we would simply be like robots passing through life .. totally unable to learn and grow from what we’ve been through .. haha .. for as most of us have experience .. both anger and guilt are powerful .. and yes .. it can be difficult to let go of them and move on ..  they seem to bog us down and magnify .. doing all they can to block our way from properly moving forward .. haha .. oh but friends .. no matter the form or origin of the unfairness on either side of that coin .. there has to come a day when we stop .. and yes .. we turn to God for direction .. and yes .. we actually move on .. haha .. and to do this effectively simply means .. forgiveness is in order .. for the truth is .. it always and forever will be in our best interest to forgive others .. and yes .. to forgive ourselves .. haha .. for truly .. this is the only way we can get on with our lives while moving forward as better human beings  .. for friends .. none of us were born to live in yesterday .. for simply .. it’s gone and the present .. haha .. is so much more valuable .. so .. we put it where it belongs .. haha .. in the past .. while pressing on toward our common goal .. with our minds set on Him .. and yes .. the simple fact .. that yes yes yes  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood .. but against the rulers .. against the authorities .. against the cosmic powers over this present darkness .. against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places”



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