I didn’t sleep well last night .. I kept tossing and turning .. haha .. and yes .. with every toss and turn .. I wondered why .. I was tossing and turning .. haha .. yes friends .. when we lay there at night and can’t sleep .. it’s normally because we have things on our mind that are churning and burning .. haha .. we’re thinking about what we need to do about this .. or .. where to take that .. haha .. on and on and on in our minds .. haha .. oh but friends .. the truth is .. we simply need to give all our churning and burning thoughts to God .. that’s right .. and we need to do this .. before we lay down each night .. for truly .. He is charge .. and no .. we don’t have to stay awake and deal with every problem or concern we have .. especially .. when we need to be sleeping .. haha .. no .. that’s His job .. for simply .. He never slumbers or sleeps .. and friends .. you and I .. we need our sleep .. and yes .. we can trust that He can run this world without us for a few hours while we do so .. haha .. for yes .. He’ll watch over us .. and yes .. totally refresh us .. oh I know .. we can take a hot bath and drink warm milk .. but really .. there’s only one thing that can ultimately calm our spirit .. and simply .. that’s trusting Him .. followed by .. simple prayer .. so .. on my last bought of restlessness .. I laid there quietly and recited the Lord’s Prayer .. out loud .. haha .. trusting Him to quiet the turmoil .. and yes .. fill me with joy .. no matter what time it was .. and then .. “tada” .. it’s morning .. haha .. and no .. I don’t remember a thing after that simply act .. until now .. as I sit here refreshed .. renewed .. and yes .. ready for this new day .. bottom line .. it’s in simple communication with Him that we find this rest .. not only for our bodies .. but also .. for our minds and for our souls .. and yes .. it’s when we’re all rested up .. we’ll be able and willing .. to simply .. do all those things .. He has for us to do .. haha .. so .. come on now .. let’s get up .. get out .. and yes .. let’s get er done .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest .. eating the bread of anxious toil .. for He gives to His beloved sleep”

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