We all know .. there are two sides to every story .. yet .. when people see trouble between other people .. they pick a side .. heck .. most of the time they don’t even know the story .. but .. they’re picking a side .. and .. that’s the way it is .. me .. I don’t like sides .. I’ve been the brunt of one of those sides .. and friends .. it hurts .. I don’t want to hurt anyone .. I want to leave the hurts behind and move forward in love .. and .. it’s amazed me .. what I’ve had to do .. to make that happen .. haha .. yep .. it seems to always come right back to .. “self” .. for you see .. until we can overcome our own .. “self” .. we will never be able to forgive the wrongs done to us .. that’s right .. for .. it’s the .. “self”.. in us .. that just won’t let it go .. so friends .. we can’t think about it anymore .. we have to ask God to help us overcome our own .. haha .. “selfishness” .. for when we do .. we’ll simply find .. there’s really nothing in us .. that can even remember the wrong .. for .. we have now been set free .. free from the past hates and fears .. and free .. to earnestly pray .. for both sides .. of the story .. haha .. that’s right people .. Our God .. He is faithful to bring us .. “through” .. to the other side .. right where .. His awesome glory resides .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Be kind to one another .. tender-hearted .. forgiving each other .. just as God in Christ also has forgiven you”


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