We all get tired .. we hustle .. we work .. oh yes .. work is good .. yet .. we must also get rest ..  I know .. we feel we don’t have time .. but friends .. we must take ownership of our need for rest ..  and fully understand .. when we don’t get enough of it .. we can’t blame God .. circumstances .. or .. people ..  for you see .. when rest is difficult for us .. somehow we are still trying to perform or .. haha .. control something .. we have no control over .. for .. without rest .. we eventually become worn out spiritually ..  emotionally ..  and physically .. we may start becoming more critical and judgmental of others as we work harder to prove to ourselves that through our work .. spiritual disciplines .. or .. ‘got it all together’ ..  image ..  that we have value or self-worth ..  Ahh .. but  think about Jesus .. the secret of His life and ministry was the rest He found in His Father’s love .. because of His relationship with His Father ..  He didn’t have to strive to make things happen .. He didn’t fear anything or become anxious .. and .. because we have entered into this same community of love .. we have the same potential  .. we can enjoy the same place of rest in His embrace where we don’t have to strive to make anything happen .. discovering this rest .. doesn’t happen by just slowing down or stopping .. it’s found in believing that God wants to continually demonstrate His love to us in the same way He did to Jesus .. our labor is simply to enter into the same rest He did .. the good news ..  He’s waiting on us  .. He wants to pour out His compassion on our lives and reveal His kingdom to us in ways we could never before have perceived or imagined .. it’s that simple .. so now .. let’s get some  “rest”  .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“When we act .. God waits .. when we wait ..  God acts”


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