That’s right .. we have a lot to smile about .. we have been touched by God’s love .. His daily care ..  and .. His perfect purpose for our life .. now it’s time to bring Him to the people ..  we don’t have to preach on the miraculous things He has done for us .. although .. haha .. He has done some pretty miraculous things .. nor .. do we have to discuss theology or His plan for the world .. for friends .. we show Him off the best when we humbly reach out to one another with compassion .. patience .. kindness .. and .. understanding .. it can begin with a simple smile .. a warm smile and friendly greeting can touch a weary spirit full of sorrows .. way beyond our imagination .. we may get a response .. and .. we may not .. but what we do know  .. a smile is an action of love  .. and .. God is Love ..  oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

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