Placing our hope in God is not like wishing upon a star .. no .. it’s not expecting Him to grant our every wish .. it’s simply resting in the fact that since His character is powerful .. good .. trustworthy .. wise .. just .. merciful .. haha .. that’s right .. we could go on and on about His amazing grace and unconditional love .. the point being .. we can .. with complete confidence .. hope for His best in every area of our lives .. so .. no matter the difficulties we face today .. we cannot lose heart nor hope .. for He is both a miracle worker and a loving Father .. and friends .. we can hold our heads high with this hope in the One who holds .. our past .. our present .. and .. our future .. in His very hands .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul .. firm and secure .. it enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain .. where our forerunner .. Jesus .. has entered on our behalf .. ”


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