Friends ..  each and ever one of us .. are yes .. made differently .. and no .. we should never feel bad about ourselves because we’re not able to what someone else is able to do ..  haha .. for yes .. we’ve all been given “God given” gifts that contribute to the whole “body” in some unique .. and yes .. awesome way .. we’ve all been given tasks  .. and no .. none are more important than the other .. for the truth is ..  we’re all made differently to fulfill the desire of His heart .. and yes ..  in turn He promises to fulfill the desires of our hearts as well .. for yes sweet friends .. He’ll absolutely anoint whatever it is He’s given us to do .. so yes ..  in trusting this truth  .. we simply place our “everything”  in His power .. and yes .. we go on about enjoying this beautiful  Sunday Funday .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“The heart of man plans his way .. but the Lord establishes his steps”



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