I’ve never been much of a “planner” .. if you will .. haha ..  although planning for others is a big part of my livelihood ..  I’ve always been a “fly by the seat of my pants”  kind of gal ..  haha .. until the last few years that is .. yes friends .. it’s when I realized that a plan actually will simplify life .. I’ve grabbed hold  .. and yes ..  I’ve been enjoying the ride .. haha .. for friends .. it’s so true .. when we create a plan of action .. God .. He’ll help .. for as we all know  .. life is change .. and yes .. growth is optional .. haha .. and  yes .. the truth is .. planning simply helps us focus our efforts and energies .. as well as  .. offers a way to measure .. what we’ve done .. and yes .. just how far we’ve come ..  it’s all about those  “manageable” plans .. haha .. those grandiose schemes we’ve come accustomed to most of our lives .. they’re simply .. counterproductive ..  yes friends .. it’s in the simple action steps .. that are equally measurable .. that simply .. haha ..  help keep us going when the going gets tough .. oh yes .. there’ll  be the unexpected .. and yes .. we need to leave room for that .. while also .. leaving space for His grace to bring on the many delightful surprises He has for all of us ..  haha .. for yes sweet friends .. they are many  .. and yes .. they are mighty .. haha ..  oh yeah .. love wins period

“The heart of man plans his way .. but the Lord establishes his steps”


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