We talk all the time about letting go of the past .. moving forward .. allowing God to renew and refresh us .. yet still .. that feeling of past failures .. continue to heap coal on our heads .. and .. just when we think we have it beat .. ha .. here it comes again .. oh but friends .. we need to clue ourselves in .. on a very important .. spiritual reality .. if we’ve truly released the past to God .. and .. if we still find thoughts of condemnation flooding our mind .. and .. we still feel guilty .. then .. we need to know .. and .. fully understand .. the guilt we feel .. is not from God .. no .. that’s simply .. not how He operates .. for you see .. if we still feel guilty for things that we’ve been forgiven for .. this is simply .. the enemy’s way of keeping us from being effective .. to keep us from living our life to its fullest .. while .. fulfilling our God given potential .. it’s so simple .. for the truth is .. if we’ve received the free gift of salvation with God through Jesus .. and .. we’ve been forgiven .. then simply .. the enemy has lost us for all of eternity .. bottom line .. the only thing he can do now .. is to slow us down and make us totally ineffective .. he wants us to wallow in our guilt .. oh yes .. he loves to remind us of the sins that we’ve already been forgiven for .. simply because .. that’s all he’s got .. so friends .. we have to stop holding on to our past mistakes .. the regrets and the wrong choices .. Lord have Mercy .. for me .. there have been so many .. but .. even with that .. I know that I know that I know .. He has cleansed me from all of that sorrow and pain .. and friends .. He has you too .. so .. He’s done His part .. now .. it’s time we do ours .. He makes it very easy .. all we have to do is release those regrets .. and .. live in the reality of His forgiveness .. no .. we cannot be paralyzed by the past any longer .. haha .. not when we can be motivated by the glorious future .. He has planned perfectly for each of us .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“Finally .. I confessed all my sins to you and stopped trying to hide my guilt .. I said to myself .. “I will confess my rebellion to the Lord” .. and you forgave me! .. all my guilt is gone.”


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