Yesterday we made another lodging move .. haha .. I think this is number 4 since we’ve been here .. oh .. but that’s okay .. we’re in our last spot for the week .. settled in and comfy as can be ..  it rained all day yesterday .. praise God  .. and most of the fires were contained .. as the death toll has risen .. and yes .. some peeps still missing .. our family continues to pray for this wonderful .. loving .. and yes .. resilient group of people that call these incredible mountains their home ..  and yes .. in the effort to continue our family vaca and to spend our money where it’s needed most .. we went to the Dixie Stampede last night for a big night of .. day before Avery’s birthday .. “fun” ..  for yes .. today is her 2nd birthday .. haha .. and together .. we’re creating memories .. for they are magical .. and yes .. this year is bringing them on .. haha ..  while at the Stampede .. with the girls eyes glued to the many things happening in the arena .. I couldn’t help but think about the cast members .. the servers .. and yes .. all the workers that bring this production together  ..  how many of them have been displaced because of the fires .. how many may have actually lost their homes .. yet .. they were all there in full form and fashion .. doing what they do best .. haha .. entertaining their guests ..  and yes friends .. they did it so well .. no .. they didn’t stop or close down .. they’ve kept moving .. never forgetting the goal set before them .. knowing that this is what they do to keep as much “normal” as possible during the middle of their storm ..  and yes .. no matter the emotions they’re feeling ..  for friends .. the truth is .. we’re going to face storms in our lives .. and yes .. we’ll manage to hold on to the truth of God’s Word .. haha ..  and no ..we can’t deny our emotions .. but we also .. cannot allow them to control our responses either .. no friends .. we’ve got to hang on to the truth .. and yes .. let that truth be the foundation of our home .. and yes .. even when we may feel that He doesn’t love us .. we know in our heart .. and yes .. from His very Word .. that He does .. haha .. and yes .. when we feel that nothing good can come out of this calamity .. we know that it will ..  for it always does .. and yes .. as we left the arena .. haha .. and yes ..  hugged the last one of the cast members .. it was in the simply whisper of a “thank you: in my ear that I knew .. that I knew .. that I knew .. everything was and is being brought together for “good” .. in a way that only He can do .. so yes .. again and again and again ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good .. for those who are called according to His purpose”


If you’d like to help the people of Sevier County through this storm .. please give as you can to the following foundation set up  by Dolly Pardon .. she has and will be one of the largest source of income for this area .. she loves her home and her people ..


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