Christmastime is in the air .. the trees are up .. the lights are lit .. the sales are flowing .. and friends .. we must remember .. for many who have an empty chair at the table because of the loss of a loved one .. are finding some of these days very difficult .. we’ve all been there .. that first birthday .. that first thanksgiving .. that first Christmas .. that first everything .. oh my .. it can be so hard .. and then .. we have .. the other side .. the someone in the chair we really wish .. haha .. wasn’t there .. while .. for others .. it’s a time of just plain loneliness .. for .. the simple reflection of the past year can be overwhelmingly emotional .. yes .. we spend hours and hours attempting to create the perfect Christmas .. when in just a few seconds by one cutting word .. over something really stupid .. the whole day can be totally squashed .. but .. what we must remember .. is simply .. emotions run high .. especially this time of year .. and .. we can always count on them to be dependable .. haha .. up and down like a roller coaster .. for .. life itself .. is a series of valleys and mountains .. ever changing throughout the seasons .. oh but sweet friends .. there is one thing that never changes .. and that’s .. God’s Word .. that’s right .. it is sure and totally restoring to our soul .. so when the emotions arise .. we look to Him and His Word for that firm foundation we so desperately need .. for this is the time of year to celebrate .. think about it .. Baby Jesus in the manger is not a warm and fuzzy story for our children .. He is a strong fortress for us to cling to .. that child born in a manger .. He is the Savior of the world .. and .. He is ours .. that’s right friends .. He so far exceeds all our expectations .. and .. He fulfills all of His promises .. for .. He is the reason .. for all our Christmastime to do lists .. He is the very cause for our rejoicing .. it’s when He gets lost in the shuffle that those blues will set in .. so friends .. let’s get ourselves up .. again and again .. and drink from the living well .. for that is what will always and forever .. keep us .. well in our soul with joy in our heart .. every single day of the year .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“Anyone who believes in me may come and drink .. for the Scriptures declare .. ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart'”



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