It was a busy weekend .. although we actually closed on Sunday and Monday this year .. for the first time in years .. there was no shortage of work around this house .. as you know .. we’ve been painting .. haha .. our home’s felt like living in a moving van over the past couple of weeks .. oh but .. with much work over the weekend .. we’re now back to .. haha .. “home sweet home” .. that’s right .. the pictures are hung .. the floors are clean .. the laundry’s been washed .. and .. haha .. along with it .. I can barely move .. my legs hurt .. my back hurts .. and yes .. I’m a little tired .. haha .. oh but friends .. I’m also .. one grateful soul this morning .. as I look at the wall .. with our family pics hung .. when I see .. haha .. and yes .. smell the fresh paint .. my heart grows full .. it’s funny how a little sprucing up .. and .. getting our home back .. can change an attitude .. haha .. which has me thinking this morning about how .. not only do we need to spring clean our material homes .. but .. our spiritual homes as well .. you know .. let God sort through the clutter of ..”self” .. we’ve accumulated and watched grow like mighty dust bunnies .. and simply .. haha .. toss them to the wind .. while letting the sun in to reveal where our spirit needs a little polishing .. for friends .. it’s when we pay attention .. we’ll simply see .. most of us .. haha .. could use a little spring cleaning .. on a daily basis .. we need to get up each day .. look into the many rooms of our soul .. and simply .. let go of what has kept us from being and doing .. everything .. He wants us to be .. and .. wants us to do .. we need to look at the root that holds us back .. and .. we need to dig it out .. and yes .. we need to .. let it go .. and simply .. let Him .. who loves us big .. bring on the transformation .. for friends .. we can celebrate daily .. the faith .. hope .. love .. and yes .. forgiveness that He brings to our lives .. for the bottom line is simply .. He wants to be our friend .. and yes .. He wants us to enjoy ourselves .. for .. without a doubt .. we were simply made .. for His pleasure .. haha.. wow .. that’s awesome .. yes sweet friends .. gotta love a clean house .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“The LORD is my strength and my shield .. my heart trusts in Him .. and I am helped .. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song”

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