As I wake this morning .. all I seem to have on my mind .. is just how grateful I am for my life .. and how  .. being thankful and grateful for God’s blessings .. should be an every day occasion .. and .. at some point each day .. we all need ..  to simply ..  reflect on His goodness .. simply because ..  for every day .. His mercies are  .. new and fresh .. and ..  if we really pay attention .. we will .. simply find .. haha .. He daily loads us with benefits .. oh yes .. I’m personally .. forever grateful for .. His Love .. His Mercy .. and .. His Grace ..  and .. I’m thankful for ..  my joy and peace .. my family .. my job .. my church .. my friends ..  my health .. and ..  it goes without saying .. His unconditional faithfulness  .. to love me .. just as I am  ..  think about it .. we really don’t have anything to complain about .. for .. in light of His provisions .. we should be all be shouting about His goodness .. right here .. in the land of the living .. right where we are .. with all we have within us .. for His Word tells us .. that His blessings make us rich .. and .. that He adds no sorrow with it .. wow .. so .. for each us .. what should matter the most is simply .. our faith in Him .. for friends .. when we reflect on His faithfulness and His blessings .. our lives change .. and .. our daily struggles .. they become much less .. than .. what our minds make of them .. haha ..  so .. we stay close to Him .. while holding each other .. close to our heart .. and .. simply .. stay mindful each day to ..”be grateful” .. so .. with that .. sweet friends .. may His blessings and love .. totally overwhelm you and yours .. today and everyday .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.

“I will give to the Lord the thanks due to his righteousness .. and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord .. the Most High”




Stay close to the Lord, hold your family close to your heart and remember to be thankful always. Be forever grateful on a daily basis.

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