Gratefulness .. oh yes .. that feeling that overwhelms us when we know that God has His hand upon us .. haha .. that feeling we feel when we think of the love we have for our family and friends .. that deep down tug that let’s us know that no matter what happens .. no matter where we are or what we’re doing .. all is well ..  all is well simply because we know we are loved by love Himself .. no .. this is not just an ordinary love .. it’s a love so strong that it can calm any storm brewing within us .. a love that brings peace even when everything around us is in chaos .. friends .. there’s nothing more powerful than this love .. there is nothing more comforting than this love ..  and yes .. this morning as we sit and have our morning drink of choice .. haha .. let us stay mindful to focus this day on this love .. staying in each moment .. and yes .. experiencing it for what it is .. never trying to escape the now .. for yes .. it’s in the moment that in Him we will always and forever find rest .. yes .. my heart is full for gratefulness has taken over .. and yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Take my yoke upon you .. and learn from Me .. for I am gentle and lowly in heart .. and you will find rest for your souls”


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