Well .. our trip is winding down .. and yes .. we’ve sure been given memories for Avery Kate’s second birthday trip .. haha .. who would have thought we’d arrive to fires on the mountain .. who would have thought we would have the opportunity to give .. as well as .. love the people around us during their great time of need .. who would have thought we could give out so many hugs .. along with simple listening ears to people who simply .. need to talk .. all the while on a family vacation .. haha .. there’s only One that could orchestrate such timing .. and yes .. we know that is God .. for His timing is always perfect timing .. and yes .. that’s exactly why we stayed .. for we know as a family that nothing is placed before us in null .. we know that we know that we know .. every day for each and everyone of us .. no matter where we are .. is a day to use for Him .. it’s a day to get up .. get out .. and yes .. love those that cross our paths .. it’s His job for us ALL .. so today .. we’ll spend our last day in this beautiful spot .. doing a little .. haha .. or maybe a lot of “local” shopping .. we’ll have dinner at a “locally” owned restaurant with our family and friends .. we’ll laugh .. we’ll hug .. we’ll listen .. and yes .. we’ll cry .. and then .. we’ll leave them to the rebuilding of their lives .. and friends .. that’s just what they’ll do .. for yes yes yes .. they are indeed .. “mountain tough with a strong faith in God’ .. full on .. “people loving people” .. just the way He intended it to be .. and yes .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up .. just as you are doing”

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