Decoration Day .. Memorial Day .. whichever we call it .. most all of us understand it .. haha .. for simply .. as a Believer we understand the importance of remembering .. simply because .. our whole faith rests upon it .. for we know .. to persevere into the future .. we simply .. must remember our gracious past .. think about it .. God Himself has surrounded us with memorials .. the entire Bible is a memorial .. we follow it daily to remember what He’s done for us .. for the truth is .. when we reflect on His past grace .. our faith is fueled .. haha .. for yes .. His future grace .. and yes .. haha .. so many times .. we neglect it at our own risk .. so friends .. today as we celebrate .. no matter what we’re doing .. beach .. bbq .. work .. or .. play .. let’s do it with a full heart of gratitude for that amazing common grace .. given to each of us .. when all those men and women .. laid down their lives for the sake of our countries survival .. for friends .. those brave soldiers we salute today .. they weren’t part of some doctrinal argument .. they naturally .. morally .. and yes .. heroically .. gave their lives to defend our freedom .. and .. yes yes yes .. their sacrifices are absolutely .. one hundred percent .. worthy of public memorial .. as well as .. private awe .. so .. today sweet friends .. as we celebrate and remember each and every one of them .. let’s also remember .. our past mistakes in such a way .. haha .. that we simply may not .. repeat them again in the future .. for yes .. everyday is Memorial Day in our heart .. soul .. and .. mind .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“I will remember the deeds of the LORD .. yes .. I will remember your miracles of long ago”

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