Claiming responsibility for the condition of our life is difficult .. sometimes .. dreadfully difficult .. however .. when we do take on this responsibility .. we begin an upward journey toward greater joy .. greater satisfaction .. and .. greater freedom from negative emotions .. for our highest form of individual responsibility is that toward our “thought” lives .. you see .. we are to guard our heart .. and .. by doing so .. we are preserving our joy and calculating the potential cost of what enters our mind whether it be temporary or permanent .. we are protecting our mental state from harmful viruses when we guard our heart .. we are shielding our mind from the hazards that keep us from thinking on what is .. ‘true .. pure .. lovely .. and .. excellent’ .. after all .. we protect our families .. our businesses .. and .. our homes .. it’s also critical .. that we protect our minds .. yes .. it’s a big job .. haha .. but we have a big God .. ready and willing to help .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period.

“Above all else .. guard your heart .. for everything you do flows from it”


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