I love people .. all people .. I love to watch them .. to hear them talk .. and yes .. definitely yes .. to see them laughing .. haha .. this past weekend we were fortunate to be a part of a two day event that made me laugh .. cry .. and yes .. laugh again .. haha .. the laughter came from joy .. as well as the crying .. for sometimes .. they just go hand in hand .. haha .. we started at the beach on Friday .. as Sean was singing .. “wade in the water” .. our beautiful couple was baptized in the lake right here in Grayton Beach .. haha .. what a way to start a life together .. this is where the joyful “crying” came in .. haha .. as they came out of the water .. the shrimp came out of the pot .. and it was on .. haha .. then came the storm .. and as it goes .. just in the nick of time .. everyone was loaded and out before the rains came .. which brought on more laughter .. haha .. gotta love a good storm .. then on Saturday .. came the wedding .. oh yes .. the grounds were beautiful .. and .. the bride and groom .. looked totally amazing .. I’ve shared many things over the years with this particular family .. they’ve loved me and stood by me .. when many would not .. haha .. the two sister matriarchs of the family .. during one of my hardest times .. visited me several times a week .. just to make me laugh .. so .. being able to participate in some way in this incredible weekend .. well .. it was an overwhelmingly grateful feeling .. and .. haha .. that’s all I can say about that .. oh .. and wait .. haha .. if that didn’t make my weekend special enough .. here comes Sunday Funday .. haha .. my friend and lifeline to the best laughter ever .. well .. she came over .. and yes .. we laughed .. and yes .. we danced .. all day long .. haha .. it was an awesome weekend of blessings all the way around .. which has me thinking this morning about how important laughter really is for all of us .. and yes .. what an amazing gift from God that it truly is .. it helps us cope with sadness .. and .. haha .. everyday life .. for .. when we feel hurt .. or .. even mad .. someone can come along and make us laugh .. haha .. and that simple laughter .. just somehow has it’s way .. to simply .. make our heart feel better .. haha .. for yes .. it’s great to have a cheerful heart .. and yes .. to laugh with our family and friends .. for the truth is .. there’s always room for laughter .. it can help us see things .. in a whole new light .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s a gift from Him who loves us so big .. that He gave us this tool .. to use .. to get through the toughest and roughest of times .. when we’re deep in the hurt .. or .. when we’re fearful of life itself .. we simply .. pull from our memory .. those days that we laughed so hard .. haha .. at someone or something .. and .. we simply .. let it come alive again .. haha .. for friends .. life is better .. for sure .. when we’re laughing .. for simply .. it’s medicine to the soul .. and yes .. we know .. we ALL need to take our medicine .. haha .. precisely as prescribed .. by the greatest “Physician” of them all .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Our mouths were filled with laughter .. our tongues with songs of joy .. then it was said among the nations .. “The Lord has done great things for them””


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