When I thought of having children I knew for sure I wanted a son .. I grew up with two brothers .. haha ..  oh yes .. how they loved our mom .. sure .. I loved her too .. but there was always something different about the bond between them  .. and yes .. I wanted to experience the same same .. so yes ..  when I held that sweet little boy in my arms on the night before Halloween .. it was indeed my “best day ever” .. I remember thinking then as I so often do now .. just how much God loves me .. He knew my heart desire was to have a son .. so He filled that desire .. just like that .. no questions asked .. when the doctors said girl .. haha .. he said boy .. it was that simple .. so .. here we are .. 38 years later today .. through our ups .. and yes .. our  downs .. my not so little boy is all grown up .. he’s endured much in his life with me as his mom .. yet .. we’ve survived .. we own a business together that works because of him .. He’s married to a beautiful woman .. and yes .. a father of his own .. with yes .. his own hearts desire .. for yes .. he always wanted girls .. and yes .. he got two of the best ever .. haha .. and yes .. like he looked to me for love and guidance .. they look to him ..  yes .. he and Cort have been blessed for sure .. and me .. I now get to experience what 38 years ago I was not ready to experience .. “little girl love”   and oh my goodness .. it’s some kind of good .. haha .. so yes sweet friends .. trust me when I say .. God is faithful and true .. His unconditional love is the most remarkable love any of us will ever experienced .. look around .. see His many wonders .. I am in awe .. and .. you should be too .. for yes .. again and again .. yes yes yes .. haha ..  oh yeah .. love wins period

“Take delight in the LORD .. and He will give you your heart’s desires”



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