It’s Christmas time .. the time of year we find ourselves reaching out ..  just a little bit more in love ..  we start looking for ways to bless those in need .. oh no .. we don’t measure our love in the amount of dollars we give ..  or even ..  in the number of hours we serve ..  but .. we do know .. that everything we do .. to make life better for others .. is a work of love ..  love for God .. and .. love for those He loves ..  who are .. our brothers and sisters .. for .. as Believers .. we don’t help others because it makes us feel good .. we help others because Jesus calls us to do it .. simply because .. that’s what He did .. and .. He so graciously showed us the way .. by washing the feet of others .. by feeding the hungry .. healing the sick ..  and .. by bringing hope to those who our society seems to forget .. for friends .. the reality is .. many of the people around us are struggling .. and .. our job .. is to do all we can to pick up those who have fallen .. to heal their wounds .. and .. to bridge the gap between those who have enough and those who don’t .. yes .. we all need to try to do more .. to strengthen the ties that bind us together as one human family .. for .. Christmas teaches us .. that love is an exchange of gifts ..  in His love .. He gave us the gift of His only Son .. and .. because of this gift .. we dare to give of ourselves .. we give .. our time .. our money .. or  .. our talent … for we know .. all that we have comes from Him .. and .. in giving .. we find true happiness and joy .. oh yes .. for .. when our soul is happy ..  we want to spread that happiness to others .. so friends .. as we linger through this glorious time of year .. let us stay mindful .. to give of ourselves .. in whatever way we can .. to help make life better for others .. and in turn .. making it better for ourselves ..  oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“For I have given you an example .. that you also should do as I have done to you”




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