I love a good birthday week .. last night our family and a few close friends went to dinner at The Bay ..  we even got to here a little music .. I love music ..  I love my family .. and yes  .. I love my friends ..  something about being with a group of people who love each other .. haha .. in spite of and not because of .. it’s quite refreshing .. my granddaughters gave me this beautiful ceramic heart ..  haha .. when they come over .. together we’ll find that perfect spot for it to hang on our family wall ..  as Gracyn had me opening the bag and we were pulling apart the tightly wrapped fragile gift .. the heart began to show itself .. haha .. her daddy said “G what is that?” ..  she responded with so much excitement .. “Mimi!” ..  haha .. I cried tears of joy hearing those words as she referred to that heart .. heck .. I’m crying now just talking about it .. haha .. yes friends ..  simple childlike love .. the kind of love that Jesus talked about .. submissive and meek .. with childlike glee .. and yes .. childlike faith ..  haha .. oh but ..  as we get older .. the hurdles .. doubts .. and .. concerns that we tend to place in front of us .. haha  .. they slow us down .. they knock us off stride .. or even .. make us give up completely in what should be .. a growing relationship with Him .. haha ..  as adults .. we’re more likely to give up the race .. oh but a child .. haha .. a child sees the prize at the finish line ..  for simply .. they don’t have hurdles in their race with Him .. no .. for friends ..  childlike faith .. along with childlike love .. haha .. are simply .. the open road straight to His very heart .. so friends .. with that I say .. haha .. “come on now .. let’s hit the road” .. haha ..  oh yeah .. love wins period

“Truly .. I say to you .. whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”




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