I didn’t want the weekend to pass without writing about Bob and I going to Trebeache on Friday night for our friend Tim Jackson’s CD Release party .. we wouldn’t have missed it for the world .. Tim has been a friend for many years and both of us dearly love and admire him .. and yes .. share the fact .. that yes .. we’re both in awe of his many talents .. he’s a gentle humble and kind man .. always has been .. personally .. when I was going through one of the toughest times of my life Tim stood by me like an anchor .. I will forever be grateful for his love and support .. his mother Phyllis and my mom were good friends and spent time together for many years ..  so yes .. it was a beautiful evening .. the talent love and respect shown to Tim through music and song was magical .. so much talent in one room all to honor a man that has spent most of his life serving others .. as I listened to him speak about how God has so graciously used him throughout the years as a connector for the many songwriters he has touched .. has me thinking this morning about how God wants us all to connect .. for yes .. we’re made to carry each other through .. that’s our job as His children .. to love one another .. to lift one another up .. and yes .. to help each other reach their fullest potential .. for yes! .. we are Children of the Most High .. and yes! .. our role is to be a person like the person like we honored Friday night .. so on this beautiful Palm Sunday morning I say  “thank you Tim Jackson for your gift”  .. for yes yes yes .. we’re all better people because of it .. and yes  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“And whatever you do .. in word or deed .. do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus .. giving thanks to God the Father through Him”


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