Easter .. it was early in the morning .. just like it is now .. the fog had not yet lifted .. the Mary’s .. they head for the tomb where our beloved Jesus has been laid .. we all know the story .. the angel had already rolled the stone away .. haha .. no friends .. not so Jesus could walk out .. for .. He didn’t need a door .. but .. for those beautiful women to see .. He was no longer there .. and no .. His body had not been stolen .. for .. “He has Risen” .. just like He said .. haha .. oh .. we can imagine the scurrying that was taking place at that moment .. the fear .. the worry .. the wondering of what in the world could have happen .. what was really going on .. haha .. and .. it was then .. as Mary fell in anguish .. she heard His voice .. she saw His face .. “He’s Alive .. He’s Alive” .. oh my goodness .. what an incredible moment in time for us to be able to reflect on this morning .. yes .. for us .. as Believers .. the resurrection of Jesus is the most important event in the history of the world .. simply because .. it gives us an unending amount of hope .. even when things might appear at their darkest .. for .. He simply .. walked His talk .. and yes .. He made the toughest walk ever made .. simply for .. you and I .. He carried that heavy cross all the way to Golgotha .. and then .. in the most terrible way possible .. He died .. oh .. but wait .. haha .. three days later .. came the miracle of His Resurrection .. and yes .. there was doubt and skepticism at the time .. and yes .. by His own Followers .. haha .. but .. to put that to rest .. He simply appeared to them .. He even let Thomas examine the nail holes in His hands and the pierce in His side .. and yes .. it was then .. they knew the truth .. yes .. “He’s Alive” .. and friends .. for us today .. we are the blessed ones .. for .. we believe .. even though we weren’t present those two thousand plus years ago when He rose from the grave .. we are just as blessed .. if not more so .. as the disciples where that very day .. simply because .. we’re stepping out .. entirely on faith .. and .. the way we see it .. we’re very fortunate to have such an opportunity .. to simply .. practice our faith .. yes .. “the Lord is Risen” .. and those words .. are every bit as exciting and meaningful as they were back then .. for .. the truth is .. Our God .. He isn’t some being off in some remote land .. no way .. He lives in each of us .. and friends .. every minute of every single day .. He’s concerned about our well being .. we don’t know how He does it all at the same time .. but .. then again .. who cares .. haha .. for .. what we do know .. as well as .. place our hope and trust in .. is simply .. God is God .. and .. haha .. He can do whatever it is He wants to do .. even if it means being in a million places at once .. while always .. knowing our most private thoughts .. our secret hopes .. and .. our unspoken prayers .. for .. He’d with us .. no .. He’s not a bottle to pull off the shelf when we have a problem in our lives .. He’s an ever present helping Spirit .. haha .. and .. we are a .. “resurrection people” .. which simply means .. a people called to new life .. called to rise up and follow .. His Living example .. bottom line .. if .. He hadn’t risen from the dead .. He would only be remembered as a wonderful teacher .. but .. by rising from the grave as a man .. He simply showed .. that we could also overcome death .. with eternal life .. for friends .. it was He who gained that very promise for us .. and .. it’s to Him that we owe our salvation .. He has destroyed the sting of death .. yes sweet friends .. He walked His talk .. and now .. on this glorious Resurrection Day .. we need to stay mindful .. to do the same .. simple truth .. haha .. again and again and again .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
Happy Easter Everybody .. Big Hug!
“He is not here .. He has risen .. just as He said .. come and see the place where He lay”

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