Yesterday as we moved furniture and rearranged this and that in the cafe .. as I handled each piece of Barbara’s remarkable Old Florida collection .. mindfully placing it for show .. my mind went back to the years I spent at Hibiscus with her and Kurt .. the laughter and the tears along with the ups and downs we experienced together throughout the years .. and then yes .. how today we have managed to come full circle .. something we all hope to be able to do in life .. I have to say .. I’m a grateful soul .. grateful to be with people who have the same mindset and heart to simply allow this to happen .. for yes friends .. it’s with a heart for God and a willing spirit .. that yes .. He can do incredible things .. it’s when our heart is open to whatever His plan is for our lives .. and yes .. our spirits are willing to follow that plan .. He’s able to do anything and everything He wants to do with us .. He’s able to open doors we thought may never be open again .. and yes .. He’s able to use us in ways that do nothing but bring Him glory .. haha .. if we let Him .. so yes again .. I’m grateful to be with people of the same mindset .. I’m grateful to be back home .. and .. I’m grateful to have my family and friends by my side .. for the truth is .. no matter what we do in this life .. no matter what we feel we’ve lost .. He has a plan for each of us .. and yes .. His plan is good .. and yes .. when we want to do something that we know without a doubt .. is right and good .. He’ll indeed place that desire deep in our heart .. simply because .. He wants it for us .. and yes .. it honors Him .. and yes .. again we find .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“So .. whether you eat or drink .. or whatever you do .. do all to the glory of God”

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