It’s Valentine’s Day! .. and you know I love to talk about love .. haha .. I love the fact that God Himself created love .. then turned around and gave it to us to enjoy and share .. for yes .. He created love in all of its forms and gave them to each of us as a gift .. and through this gift .. we have the ability to know Him and to love Him .. and yes .. the ability to love those around us .. haha .. for yes sweet friends .. He’s the very source of love .. He’s the Giver and Creator of love .. and yes .. He holds each one of us as the object of His love .. haha .. so yes! .. as we celebrate this day of love .. let us celebrate like we’ve never celebrated before .. let us truly show our love to all those around us with full hearts and a great big thank you to Him .. for it’s true .. when we look around .. we can clearly see His love for each of us just about anywhere that we go .. for yes .. again and again I will attest .. He is love .. and it’s His love that roots deep within our hearts that enables us to show real love to others .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s a big gift He’s given us .. a gift that’s much too big not to share .. so .. come on now .. let’s do this .. let’s get out .. get our day going .. haha .. and yes .. get our love on .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
For God so loved the world .. that He gave His only begotten Son .. that whoever believes in Him shall not perish .. but have eternal life”


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